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Omaha, NE

"X, Y, & Z"

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Robin Zagurski

Accept What Comes from Silence

Oil, cold wax on Arches oil paper

24 x 32


Ph: 402.850.3840

I loved my float experience! The first float was more of an orientation to floating, I had trouble getting adjusted (the key is to put long hair into a bun) and realizing it was not like floating in a pool or lake. After that, it was a chance to watch the thoughts that pop up constantly in my head and just let them float away, not trying to push them out, or dwell on them. I leave each session feeling rested and yet energized.

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Hugo Alberto Zamorano

My Confidence Like Armor

Acrylic, spray paint on canvas

36 x 24

Floating was relaxing. It allowed my mind to wonder and my thoughts to solidify. The third float was the most productive because I gave up on breathing and let my body take over. This allowed my mind to focus on thinking. The second was frustrating because I felt like I got nowhere. The first was that. The shower before and after the float was never disappointing.