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Omaha, NE

"U, V, & W"

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Dar VandeVoort

Pieceful Surface I & II

Mixed media

10 x 20

I have always loved to float. I found myself drifting clockwise slowly, then counterclockwise slowly. It was freeing to then realize I could tell myself which direction to travel. I then told myself to slowly flip a summer salt ( 😎) and it worked ! A backwards flip was a bit harder but it , too, worked. Amazing what the mind is capable of. Eyes closed all three floats. Thanks!

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Bart Vargas

FLOAT Portal 001

Latex paint, wood, cardboard, glue, hardware

26 x 25 x 1

FLOAT Portal 002

Latex paint, wood, cardboard, glue, hardware

27 x 20 x 1

Sometimes we have to go into the Darkness in order to find the Light inside ourselves.

FLOAT Portal 003

Latex paint, wood, cardboard, glue, hardware

27 x 20 x 1

I've always wanted to have a Sensory Deprivation Tank experience and jumped at this opportunity. As a new experience, I found it took some getting used to, but ultimately I found the FLOAT experience to be a very relaxing, therapeutic and intimate one. I would like to thank Jordan Concannon and everyone involved in the Inspirations of Water program for this experience!

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Brian Wetjen

Under the Influence

Watercolor, charcoal, chalk, graphite

30 x 22

My floats were the perfect opportunity to disconnect from everything for a bit and spend some time under the influence of the peaceful and calming environment in the float pod. The relaxing, meditative experience was also perfect for inspiring many new ideas for creative work. The floats worked very well for how I like to experience new things as a means of inspiring new ideas and work on old ones.

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Susan Woodford

of Susan Woodford Sculpture


Copper, obsidian

27 x 21.5 x 2



Ph: 402.813.3066

Have you ever sat at the edge of the ocean during a new moon? Felt the waves lapping, the synergy of land meeting the rest of the world? Floating resembles that moment of release, healing, and grounding. The infusion of magnesium in the salt float makes the womb like private ocean resemble a perfect tepid silky bath. The chakra lights, and tribal music create a private space, which resembles my own internal sacred space. While floating it was easy to feel as if the mass produced cocoon around me resembled more an autobiographical shell. I watched as my breath created waves, my movements bent light, and felt like I was inside my own tortoise shell. A space and time so private that my environment and I affected each other in a quantifiable way.

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Shalbey Lynn Workman

Chemical Reaction


11 x 14

Floating took some time to get used to but by the second float I was able to get my mind and body to fully relax and reach a new level of meditation that I had not reached before. Floating helped me find a moment of peace. I felt refreshed and ready to look at my day with a positive outlook.