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Omaha, NE

The Project Book

More than 300 hours of floating.

117 local artists.  5 float shops. 1 boo

The project book provides a glimpse into the world of floating and the experience of each artist in the project.

The artwork is all unique and sacred to each artist, and reflect their personal experiences.  Please respect the property of these artists and do not plagiarize or steal their property in any way.

For more information on the artists, their artwork, and float experiences, visit The Artist Gallery.

To purchase a copy of the book,

follow the link HERE.

Help us support these artists and floating in Omaha, NE!

Thank you to the team who put in long hours to ensure the book made it in time for the final event!

  • Erin Laney: lead artist, book and cover creator, author of introduction, and speaker

  • Marea Bishop: lead photographer, book editor and creator

  • Kaylene Powell: book editor and advisor, source for a wealth of information on publishing books

  • Jordan Concannon: book editor and creator, process supervisor, project manager

  • Blurb.com: Our book publisher and printer