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Omaha, NE


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Nicholas Tabor

By Way of Future's Hindsight

Ink, gouache

8 x 6


Ph: 402.679.8884

When floating I was able to visualize and organize abstract thoughts from my subconscious in a way I had never been able to do before. I was able to connect seemingly unrelated thoughts and experiences about my motivations into a greater narrative that I was unaware of. I would describe the sensation as being in a very present dream.

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Patty Talbert


Acrylic on wood panel

15" circle


Ph: 402.510.1773

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April Taylor

My Jellyheart

Acrylic, fluid/pouring mediums on stretched canvas

15 x 30

Ph: 402.880.7099

My float experience was the most relaxing and self-aware I've ever been. And after each session the most calm I've ever felt. Everything is stripped away and my mind was left to rest, create, and meditate. I struggle at times with depression and anxiety and neither are pleasant and sometimes difficult to regulate and bring myself back to 100 percent. During and after my sessions everything feels more in control. I feel more in control of myself and I have a sort of calming energy boost. I felt like I can do anything and I knew I could take my time. There was no feeling of having to rush anything. I always felt one with myself after a float.

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Mr. Herb Thompson

of Thompson Photography

Quiet Place

Color print with Canon 7D, Canon 24-70mm

16 x 20


Ph: 402.917.0809

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