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Omaha, NE

"I & J"

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Ahmad Jaffery

Following You


16 x 20

The third, and final float experience gave me my inspiration for my painting. The first two times I had to figure out how to get comfortable with this unique method of relaxation. The floats slowly allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and cut out all outside distractions. When I finally did that the third time, I was able to envision exactly what I want.

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Jenna Johnson

This Colored Body

Acrylic, Modeling paste

30 x 24

Having the ability to leave my body was the reason I chose to float. My main struggle was shutting my mind off. As I grew accustomed to the tank vivid colors would flash through me in waves. After my third float I'd achieved a mind and body separation, and I was able to experience my body in a new colorful way.

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Ashleigh E. Jones


Stained glass

2.5' x 3.5'

During my floats in February I was lucky enough to not only enjoy the meditative and relaxation benefits but also the experience of being pregnant and bonding with my unborn baby through being in a similar environment to the womb. Each float was a little different just as each day is different from the last or the creeks and rivers flow with different waters at any given moment, while all of my floating experiences were peaceful, rejuvenating, and even joyous.

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Emily Jordan

Water Dance


8 x 10

I am a dancer, and floating greatly relieved any soreness and aches. While being weightless in the warm water and darkness, visions of swirling stars came to mind. I would drift into a meditative state and lose feeling in my body, then I would wake up and be reminded of heaviness, and I would want to move and dance in the water.

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