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Omaha, NE

"G & H"

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Justin Gilbreath


Stratmore Drawing Paper and Copic Sketch Markers

18 x 24

Floating helped me become aware of what I describe as infinite letting go. The amount at which I was able to relax seemed to have zero limits. There was distinct imagery that would pop up as my thoughts slowed in the tank and I took these and used them to piece together my art before, of course, letting them go. If I had to describe the indescribable experience in one word, that word would be 'release'. Scott and the rest of the staff at Float Center were extremely kind and understanding. The overall experience was one I will never forget and look forward to repeating for the rest of my life.

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Michael Giron


Ink, acrylic

18 x 24

I expected to have a visual experience in the absence of stimulus. Instead, I experienced an emptiness more profound than in meditation. The disruption of perpetual thought and removal from the world delivered a sense of peace that extended for days .

A Day at the Office

Ink and Acrylic

18 x 24

Another experiment of screen printing on wet watercolor paper. This time, the primary color scheme made for a more upbeat mood. I imagine the institutional structure of worker-life being being transcended by a more organic and peaceful aura.

Winter Wash


11 x 14

Winter Wash catches my initial thoughts on brainwaves and heartbeats, which become conscious in the tank. The wet media, of course, speaks to the essential supporting element of the float experience.

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Emily J.S. Globe


Digital Media

12.5 x 15.27


Ph: 402.350.5913

In the initial float, I spent an hour familiarizing myself with the feeling of floating, both physically and mentally. In session two, a two-hour float allowed me to drift off to a lucid state of dreaming and wakefulness where I stumbled into the subject for my artwork. Through the third session, I mentally mapped out a draft of the future "Alluvion" and focused on reflection of the experience.

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Ryan Globe

Sleeping Giant

Spray paint, mixed media on aluminum computer case

16.75 x 25.75


Ph: 712.256.7330

I decided to dive right in and went with a 3-hour float. After I relaxed, my mind started to drift and wander. In the darkness, I was neither here nor there. I was in a weird “in between” world. I was submerged in the warmth of the water and the darkness of space.

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Tim Guthrie

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Jaim Hackbart

What I See in the Water Series, Number 1


16 x 20

Floating can bring one to a state of silence within silence if one allows. I struggled not to control the experience. Only during one float was I able to completely reach a meditative state the entire time. The other two times my mind chattered, worried and flailed, but eventually quieted. No light, no sound, only suspension won out. I noticed the days, and weeks that followed, I had a calmness in all my affairs.

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Austin Hall

Lady in Water

Acrylic on wood

24 x 24

Instead of 3 one hour long sessions I combined my floats for an amazing full uninterupted 3 hour float. After becoming fully relaxed everything drifted away. The stress of what seems like hundreds of creative thoughts slowly became silent. Like a lucid dream my mind floated to a less heavy place, my body became suspended in mid air. Total tranquitly. Colors swirled benethe my eyelids and played together in my head. When the lights came on I opened my eyes slowly noticing the calmness that had washed over me. The rest of my day was continued to have me light in my feet and mind. A completely cathartic and much needed experience to realign my thoughts.

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Vanessa Hargens

Moon River


8 x 12


Ph: 402.810.0585

I didn’t know what to expect from floating. I was very excited, and anxious! I got into the cabin and felt very calm and peaceful. When the lights went out I closed my eyes and my first feeling was like being in the womb. I immediately started to cry as I felt very connected to my mother. I let that warm and peace spill over me. As I floated on I felt as tho I was floating into the heavens with all the stars and planets. I felt very connected to floating in space. I felt very peaceful. I went thru so many emotions as I floated for the first time. I floated three times all together and each experience was so peaceful and cathartic.

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Sharonda Harris-Marshall

The Float

Photography, digital media, dibond

12 x 18

This was my first float experience. At first I found it difficult to relax, but after a few minutes, my mind reached a clarity I never had experienced before.

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Dawaune Hayes

Mind in Bloom


11 x 14

: Floating is liberation. During my first float, I fell into a deep restorative rest, unlike anything I had experienced before. I was able to let go of my body and my find soon followed. My thoughts were able to wander freely without concern of bearing my physical weight. As a dancer, cyclist, and active community member, my body is constantly taking a beating, but during my float, I was encouraged to release that ever-present tension. Once I gave myself away to the warm support of the water, my breathing slowed and began to deepen and after 15 minutes or so (sense of time is lost) my mind went blank, then the float was over. Going into that first session I was not sure what to expect, so I just gave myself away and embraced the experience. My second and third sessions were different because I had an idea of what I wanted to explore. I still went with the “flow” but gently steered my focus toward breathing, muscle pain and tension, and even the sound of my heartbeat. In our daily lives, we are inundated with so many stimuli that we don’t take the time to think about how it makes us feel. When floating in total darkness though, all that we ignore begins to reveal itself. After all three sessions, I was compelled to sit in silence and write down everything I could recall and anything that came to mind. I felt like I could be honest with myself and not hold back thoughts I would otherwise avoid. I have since carried that freedom forward into my work and everyday interactions. Everyone deserves the opportunity to let go and reflect so I highly recommend everyone float.

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Keri Hedrick

Waving Vibrations

Acrylic on canvas

12 x 60

Each time I floated I became a little more relaxed. I appreciated the opportunity to try floating. Although I didn’t find it as relaxing as I thought I might, I know that other people do. I do see how this would be beneficial to people that have injuries and need to have relief from the pressure of laying on a bed or sitting in a chair. Initially I had a hard time getting a reply to get the process started...that may have started a slight negative feeling towards the project. I also found that for the prices charged for floating, I thought the experience would have been a little more ‘spa-like’ and luxurious. The facility was very clean, but not quite like the pictures I had seen or invisioned. I found the shower to be extremely slippery and made me nervous about falling. Thank you!

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Lawrence Hernandez

The Ghost of Consciousness

Heavy body acrylics, fluid acrylics, pouring medium, on a birch board

16 x 16



Floating was unlike anything I've ever done in my life. It was transformative both mentally and physically. If prepared for, and executed properly, it can even be transcendental.

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William Holland

Tractor Beam

Watercolor, ink

16 x 16

I have never been very good at sitting still, nor have I ever been able to float in water, so simply put... surreal. My piece has me floating in space because at moments I would feel like I was being pulled in different directions as if a Star Trek tractor beam had me. That part was fun!

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Nicole Hulstein


Spray paint, acrylic

18 x 24

My experiences in the float tank were nothing short of life changing. I entered into this experience with no expectations and as a result I began to explore things within the depths of my self that I wouldn't have otherwise. This experience brought meditation back into my life and helped me begin to see the world more with my heart. In the tank, I forgot my body existed and my mind was finally set free. I had been to the depths of my mind-a universe of its own really. I had seen real beauty, but first I had to take a hard look at my self.

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