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Omaha, NE


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April Edwards


Water marbled acrylic on Japanese lace paper

14 x 20

As a first time floater, and having done little research, I had no idea what to expect. The notion of no expectation became my experience. I spent time letting go of preconceived ideas about what was happening in the moment and in my life. My mind was filled with color and line. I left the float tank each time at peace and inspired.


Water Marbled Acrylic on Kinwashi Paper

Inside is a visual representation of the ripples made while floating in the tank. The blue, black and white water swirls around the object, that bumps and floats, creating lines that they can not see.

The River

Water Marbled Acrylic on Silk

The River is a representation of the movement and fluidity of life. The dark spots and light places combine along the path we walk, this inspired colors used. The silk has been modified to hold a semi rigid form, but is still pliable.

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Crystal E. Ellis


Gesso, acrylic

20 x 20

White Noise

Acrylic, Extender, Gold Leaf

24 x 36

I wanted to visually fix an image that captures the essence of my second float experience. However, during the float and long after as I reflected back all I could envision were scrambles of clouds and fog before a dark background. I tried to resolve these into some ornate and grand shape, but they refused to coalesce. Then I stopped trying to force the vision and colors into something definitive. I saw its essence and beauty in its scrambled simplicity. It is White Noise. The float environment is a background of White Noise that cancels out the stress and confusion of our senses and allows us peace and relaxation.

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Mary Ensz


Mixed media

24 x 48


Empty Falling Full

Burning Dripping Bubbling Soft Vessels in Vessels 

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