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Omaha, NE


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Kim Darling


mixed media on birch

12 x 12

Each experience was a unique experience . One float fresh ideas, new solutions and wisdom flew through my mind. The second float was a quiet restorative catharsis. My mind was unsettled on the third float and showed the need for mindful preparation.

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Amanda DeFazio

Ebb and Flow (of Thoughts)

Natural and synthetic fibers, metal, wood

14.5 x 22 x 10

My float experience brought me a quieted mind, and focused thoughts. I looked forward to my second and third float increasingly as I found an inner peace through floating. Ideas for new artworks, including the piece for this project came to me naturally and evolved over my three floats.

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Brent Dierking

Euphoric Dreams

Acrylic paint on canvas

24 x 36


Ph: 402-990-8928

My days are long and stressful and my brain never shuts down. I was a bit apprehensive about floating at first so it took me a little time to fully relax. But once I did, my mind stopped racing and I experienced a complete sense of calm and peace. I felt wonderfully rested after my float...a very amazing experience!

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Krysta Douskey


Watercolor, ink

12 x 18

My experience with the Floating Artists Program was one of complete tranquility and introspection. I learned how significantly the external environment can impact my mental state. Forgoing all external stimuli and focusing entirely on my own thoughts is deeply calming and mentally enlightening. After each float I felt an incredible sense of inner peace, which became the inspiration behind my artwork.

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Kate Dredla

Ember Haven

Watercolor, Gouasche, Gold Leaf

23 x 36

Floating has been the only practice that has allowed me to truly quiet my mind. I have struggled with anxiety and depression, and have been unable to find peace in other forms of meditation or yoga. Floating has become a sanctuary for me to quiet my thoughts and listen to my inner voice. It has expanded my creative process beyond what I thought possible and has provided a sense of calm like I’ve never experienced before.

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