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Omaha, NE


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Julie Schram

The Wave

Acrylic paint

20 x 30


Ph: 402.660.5968

I had a great experience, it was so relaxing on a freezing cold afternoon. With the warmth and the salt water, I shut my eyes and I felt like I was in the Caribbean floating in the warm ocean waters , without the sharks ( Ha ha ) . It was such a wonderful escape.

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Micaela Sharp



18 x 36


Ph: 402.297.4751

The Float experience was wonderful. Having three Floats, helped me to learn how to relax and reflect. I felt a sense of calm that increased after each experience.

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Dawn Smith-Marra

Esprit De Jeunesse

Oil on canvas

24 x 36


Ph: 402.677.4959

Setting aside all sensory overload I experience day to day, my floats were like taking a 2 week vacation in an hour. Throughout the process I feel that I have evolved into a better & calmer me. And, as an artist, mom, wife, citizen of humanity, my floating journey will indeed continue. As I have a new foundation of self, youthfulness, life strategy, and growth.

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Emily M. Smith

Dichotomic Reality

16 x 8


Ph: 612.356.8796

It was very relaxing for both the body and mind. I found my self having many introspective thoughts before I fully let my mind rest. This time of introspection was when I thought of my art piece. Physically I could feel my muscles tensing and then relaxing as well as feeling the blood pump through all the vessels of my body.

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Julia Smith

We Are Here

Multi-media, collage, colored pencil

17 x 15


Ph: 402.677.4958

My experience floating was simply incredible. I went into deep meditation, and every time I exited the tank, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Theres a certain feeling, hyper-consciousness, that came to me each time.

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Ronee Smith

Conversation of Struggle

Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

36 x 18

I have to admit my first couple floats were a struggle for me. It took me a while to find a comfortable position and to be able to relax. By the third session is when I was finally able to clear my mind, relax, and to take in the effects of floating. The artwork I created reflects the colors I had seen and the position I had floated in.

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Theresa Smith

The Birth of Calm

Acrylic paint on canvas

20x 20

I really enjoyed my float experience. It was such a welcome departure from my busy daily life of work, motherhood, and responsibilities. I let the waters calm me and relax my tired body. After each float, I felt completely refreshed and had a sense of calm washed over me. The power of water inspires me.

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Holley Stofferahn

He Gives You Rest

Photography composite

24 x 36

This floating experience was amazing. My life has been full of stress and feeling over extended most of the time. It was so mice to have an hour of pure quietness and stillness. The first time I floated it was hard for me to relax but the next time it was so much easier. Just lying in the water and not moving felt so strange and awesome at the same time. It felt like I was just floating or laying in Jello. When you lay that still you don’t even know you’re in the water anymore. It was amazing and I think everyone needs to try this.

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Makayla Stubbs

Mind over Matter

Acrylic paint, magazine clippings, and copper wire

16 x 20

My float experience was during a time where I benefited from it in many different ways. I had just gotten home from a long hospital stay and the water was amazing for me physically. It helped my muscles relax and nerves repair. It also gave me a space to escape all of the things that pressure me throughout the week. I was taken out of my very busy life abruptly, and it takes a lot to get your footing back and find your path again.

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Jeanie Sturgeon


Acrylic, modeling paste and wood.

23 x 10.5

I chose this title because initially I found that I was moving while in the water during my float experience. I was worried at first if I would fit in the pod, so it was difficult for me to lay still. Once I finally calmed down I saw shapes and colors moving across the top of the pod from the reflections of the water and loved watching them. When I finally relaxed and closed my eyes, I continued to see these shapes and colors throughout the float.

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Saundra Swan


Underwater Temple of Suijin - Benevolent God of Water


12 x 12

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Savannah Switzer

Ocean's Rest

Acrylic Paint

36 x 36

Floating was intense to say the least. I mean intense in an amazingly relaxing way. To just let go of all worries and concerns for that one hour of pure bliss and happiness. I always imagined the ocean's current gently moving around me as if I were a tiny mass of life just existing.

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Angela K. Szelag

Atmospheric Inhibition


20 x 16

This is definitely one of the most unique experiences I have had in a long time! It's was so relaxing. I was actually able to shut my brain off and just be. My mind was able to wonder and explore all these internal thoughts and just let go. Words can't express it! It's like skydiving, you just have to try it for yourself and see what it's all about.

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