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Omaha, NE

"P & Q"

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Kristen Pluhacek


Pastel on paper

22 x 30

The experience was soothing. I expected to be a little uncomfortable, but the warmth and quiet of the pod, and the buoyancy of the water made it very easy to relax and leave my body behind. I thought I might be impatient or bored; but early on in the darkness I stopped counting breaths and everything turned violet; I didn't work, I didn't wonder, I didn't dream - I really just hovered in a bit of a twilight state.

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Reagan D. Pufall


Marble, ink, and water photographed

20 x 30

My float experience was grand! The experience was calming and peaceful. With how stressful and busy my day to day has become it was great to have an hour isolated from all the distractions of life. While floating I found myself finally able to day dream again. These day dreams are essential to my creative process

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Gabriella Quiroz

Inner Fish

Colored pencil and oil mounted onto cradle board

11 x 14

I did not know what to expect when I began my floats. It is one of the most unique experiences that I have had. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to decompress, relax, and recharge.

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