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Omaha, NE


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Linda Marshall


Oil on canvas

11 x 14

The experience of floating affects me deeply - physically, mentally and spiritually. My conscious intention is to achieve every benefit possible and that intention is genuinely fulfilled with each float. Floating is the best tool I have found to take respite from earthly woes. My brain craves a break and floating creates an environment where I can be completely immerse into the present and move from the clatter to a place with no thought, no dreams, no awareness - to an indescribably deep, sound, safe space. Upon awakening, the world has shifted a bit - slightly different in color. My energy has shifted - I'm relaxed and my body is relieved from discomfort.

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Catherine Martin

Floating Head

Mixed media, clay

4.5 x 4.5 x 3.5

My float experience was lovely, it helped my mind and body relax, alleviated joint pain and inspired creative ideas. I have nothing but positive words for my overall experience!

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Cindy Rae Mathiasen

Catching the Bubble

Oil, gold leaf

12 x 24


Ph: 402.871.7114

I felt like a bubble on the surface of the universe with a crystal clear view.

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Bryan Miller

Study of Woman at a Window (after Edward Hopper)

Oil on paper in shadowbox

12.5 x 16 3/8

Interestingly, the first realization that I had when doing my first float was a very direct and localized sense of tension throughout my neck and back (as might be expected) but more potently in my shins and ankles. I also found myself anticipating the music coming back on, feeling like a ton of time had passed, and unable to fully let myself go. This changed dramatically with my second and third floats.

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Lou Moreno

Body and Soul in Harmony (sun and ocean)

Mix acrylic mediums

The most beautiful part of life is finding the harmonious relativity between our experiences. The more aware we become of one thing, can influence the awareness of others. Relationships and connections are the only thing we really are. Becoming aware of our emotions can influence the colors we see or the melodies we become familiar with. Everything we experience influences the colors shapes and emotions we surround ourselves with. And the colors shapes and emotion we surround ourselves will influence the experiences we remember. That harmonious relationship between color and shapes is what I want to represent with my art, I want to create beautiful melodies with my color and shapes and find the right relationships to influence positive emotions to the world. If I can perfect that I will have master my craft my heart soul and mind.

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