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Omaha, NE


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Jim Lamb

Floating in a Sea of Consciousness

Digital Media, archival paper

16 x 20

I’d been curious about the float experience for some time before I heard of the “Inspiration of Water” project. I was thrilled to be included in the project. The three sessions and the visions inspired from my time involved combined to make this image.

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Marlena Laney

Forest Walk

Glass Fusion

12" circle

My float journey started as a need to find some peace after losing my mom. I found the quiet and weightlessness a wonderful break from the "real world". I was able to focus in the stillness. The lack of stimuli allowed my creative mind to branch out. I had several epiphanies while floating. I had a breakthrough in an ongoing nagging problem from work. I was able to grieve and take care of myself after being a caregiver to my mother. I was so comfortable and relaxed that I even fell asleep one float and dreamt of a lovely forest walk I had taken last summer. This became the focus of my art for this program. Floats are not only a good way to do some self care but I found it very useful in finding new expression.

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Erin Laney

Deep Serenity

Watercolors, archival ink, graphite

8 x 6

Hawksbill Drifter

Archival Ink, watercolor, graphite

18 x 24

There was a sense of tranquility I felt in those quiet moments as I was slipping away from all of my worries for awhile. Once you're floating, time seems to exist in an entirely different plane of existence. While the world keeps moving outside the pod, you can close your eyes and focus entirely on the lack of sensations while floating in space. My floating experiences did wonders in allowing me to clear my mind and consider factors that had hindered my artwork in the past.

Erin Laney

Ph: 402.578.3907

This work depicts a humpback whale diving deep into the ocean's depths while knowingly gazing at the viewer as if asking a question. What I loved about creating this piece were the calm feelings that washed over me while I carefully painted the small details which I believe help to create depth and serene feelings.


Watercolors, archival ink, graphite

8 x 6

This piece was the first I completed in my series, and one of the more odd pieces I've done as an artist. This work depicts a close up view of a brown pelican, which stares at the viewer as if judging them while they judge the piece. Coloring this particular painting with the watercolors was difficult, given the first draft I did of this painting actually didn't work out. The coloration on the rough draft was too bright, so I really had to dull down the colors to look more naturalistic as I decided what do do with the background.

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Josephine Langbehn


Mixed media on wood panel

16 x 16

A freeing experience. Total relaxation and an opportunity to take a break form life's daily distractions and a chance to hear yourself breathe and let your body completely relax.

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Ren Lindwedel


Oil pastel

16 x 18

The parts of your body that aren't submerged in water are an island in the void, your body dissolving down into it. You lose track of time, your thoughts, your limbs. As you float, everything else floats too. It's one of the few places in this loud, busy, stressful society that you can just forget about everything around you and exist. That opportunity is a priceless gift. It's the best possible rest without sleeping.

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Traci Long


Acrylic paint, sharpie

14 x 24

My float was a journey unlike any other I’ve ever experienced. I was transported to a place where I could see and feel things beyond the physical world. My mind was opened to a new level of meditation and relaxation. My body was in total awe of the lack of work it was required to do. Everything about the experienced screamed “transformation.”

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