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Omaha, NE


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Sue Kalicki

Untangling from Within

Mixed Media

14 x 18


Ph: 402.880.3115

I have been floating on a semi-regular basis for almost 3 years. The very first time I floated, I thought, Everyone needs to do this! This is the answer to world peace! I had not felt so calm, happy, and relaxed in a long time. Floating gives me a place to clear my mind and refresh my attitude. It is a great escape from the pressure of everyday life.

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Michael Keys

In Depths XIV

3D Mixed Media

36 x 36 x 3


Ph: 402.599.9128

Having the ability to leave my body was the reason I chose to float. My main struggle was shutting my mind off. As I grew accustomed to the tank vivid colors would flash through me in waves. After my third float I'd achieved a mind and body separation, and I was able to experience my body in a new colorful way.

In Depths XV (not pictured)

3D Mixed Media

24 x 48 x 2

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Amelia M. Koneck



Art has always been part of her life.  She hopes to continue inspiring others by her passion for the arts, as well as her belief in being kind and making a difference within humanity."As long as my Mind keeps thinking, I will be on creating."

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Holly Kranker


acrylic, gouache, graphite, colored pencil

18 x 22.5

Floating was a very challenging experience for me; it tested my patience, my ability to tune out my thoughts, adjust and readjust to suit my lower back issues, to remain still, and to just breathe... in these moments of being uncomfortable, I returned to my breath to engage and turn my focus. I found myself drifting into memories and reflecting; places and people... Exiting was also surprisingly very physically challenging as my body felt heavy under it's own weight.

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Deb Kubik


Glass fusion

13 x 9 x 1.5

I loved the floating! It was so very relaxing & comforting, that I fell asleep each time I floated. It was one of the most relaxing & healing experiences I've had in my life. It was a uniquely comforting feeling & experience.

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