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Omaha, NE


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Kari Caddell


Mixed media, assemblage

11 x 14

My first float experience was a bit intimidating and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had to trust and believe in the process. Once, I was able to let my body relax, I became unaware of time and eventually found myself drifting off. The warm water was incredibly soothing and relaxing. It’s a great way to take care of yourself and recharge.

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Amanda Caillau


Photograph printed on metal

12 x 12


Photograph printed on metal

12 x 12


Photograph printed on metal

12 x 12

My time spent floating led to a great deal of creative insight and inspiration. I was able to access parts of my mind that are normally overwhelmed by the everyday demands of our modern society. The float tank helped me heal, body, soul and mind.

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JD Campbell


Ink, charcoal, pastels, spray paint on reclaimed wood

25 x 18

It felt like, when you're in bed and right before you fall asleep there's a moment where you can't tell if you're dreaming or awake. It was like that, but for an hour. Complete with mild hallucinations. Post float, you walk out feeling refreshed mentally and physically. It’s an experience everyone should try at least once in their life.

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Lauren Canedy


Acrylic paint, India ink

8 x 10


Acrylic paint, India ink, mica

Air and Water

Acrylic paint, India ink

8 x 10

Floating inspired me to reach new levels of relaxation!

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Jessica Anne Carlson

of Tiny Sunflower Photography

Suspended Animation


20 x 40



16 x 24


Ph: 402.326.4760

Initially, I didn't know how to feel about being enclosed in darkness for an hour with anything but my thoughts. The moment I was about to enter I was filled with anxiety. How could I be so fearful of being completely with myself for an hour? We get so distracted with technology, work, and life stresses, but how often can we just be in the moment? I was very anxious at my first float but I was determined to give the experience the chance for the sake of this project. For the very reason I was fearful was exactly why I needed to concur it. For my first float, I was just getting use to my surroundings, the feeling, and didn't enjoy the unique experience until the last 10 minutes. My second float I experienced euphoria for over 20 minutes and my last float I let go and got "the experience". I was completely still but felt myself tip back & start to rotate in slow motion. I would flip the light on and hadn't moved an inch. I saw a faint white cloud of smoke swirling into patterns in the darkness. My breathing intensified. The 'what if' the what was, the future, the anxiety, the depression all subsided and it was me and an infinite ocean in space. I walked away feeling more connected with who I am.

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Lorelle Carr

Ripples of Self

Acrylic on cradle board

20 x 16


Ph: 402.740.8076

I came to the forefront when all the worlds clatter and clamor ceased. My mind announced, “there you are, I can hear you now”. I found my inner self in the quiet darkness and the ripping water.

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Shiloh Carrera


Paper, pen

18 x 24

I went into my float with several pointed issues hanging in my mind. I viewed it as a quiet place to sort through my issues, hoping that the isolation would clear my mind. But it wasn't that at all. The darkness and the warmth of the tank lulled me into a state of peace, and I found myself releasing my grip on the arbitrary issues plaguing me. I came out of this experience feeling nurtured and focused.

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Joseph Carter


35mm Photography ILFORD film & ILFORD Multigrade Resin Coated Paper

8.5 x 13

My float experience was nothing short of incredible. With my mind deprived of all unimportant stimulation and my body able to relax to it's core, my creative energy soared. This left me rejuvenated physically, and journeyed spiritually, two important things for any artist creating in our modern, bustling world.

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Daniel Castaneda (Sedra D')



40 x 60

The experience at Oceans Float was amazing, I can not find any other place to be in total silence and peace. When I was floating my body and mind reconnected pieces that made me flow through the time and space.

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Mark Chickinelli


Digital multi-media

16 x 16


Digital multi-media

16 x 20

It took the 2nd time for me to get the full effect, 60 minutes felt like 10 minutes, lost all track of time. Truly a unique experience!

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Lindsay Cisco

Fragments of Flowing

Clay, cement

16 x 5.5 x 5.5

Doing the floats was like nothing I have ever experienced before! The first float was very surreal and it took me awhile to figure out how to let myself go. Once I was comfortable I felt free. The outside world melted away and I had an experience of pure love. It is hard to explain in words but the feelings I felt brought me to tears. I found the float experience and the release of tears to be a great stress reliever for me.

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Maggie Cole (Echo)



16 x 20

I have three young children, so being able to totally tune out was a treat for me. The experience was both exciting and comforting. I felt I was able to simultaneously focus and completely lose focus. I will definitely be back for more float sessions!

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Dan Crane

Nutopian International Anthem (2010 Remaster)

Water color, Ink, Colored Pencil, Pencil on Archival Paper

15 x 18

It was EXACTLY like the movie Altered States. Better than iowaska. I loved it.