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Omaha, NE


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Amber Bambler Keller



16 x 20

In the last year, I experienced a miscarriage, the father walking out on me in the middle of it, lost a friend to a drunk driver and dealt with sexual harassment issues at work. Unfortunately I can't say this experience was life changing, but I believe it helped me in the process of climbing out of my depression to start creating again.

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Carmen Becker

The Balance

Graphite pencil and charcoal

9 x 13

My float experience was extremely positive. I was able to completely relax and clear my mind, relieving a lot of daily stress. It is amazing how quickly you can fall into a deep meditative state, when you're weightless.

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Dina Bellamy

Piece by Piece


24 x 36

Floating for the very first time was more just getting used to the feeling of weightlessness, which does not even begin to describe how it feels.  I had no music or light, total darkness and silence.  It didn't matter if my eyes were open or closed.  It felt like I didn't have a body at all, simply a head or just a brain, my mind.  I imagined being in space filled with stars with only my mind and nothing else.

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Brandi Bentley

A Drop in the Universe


24 x 36

I was nervous at first, I'm claustrophobic & afraid of the dark but I did it anyway. I did 3 separate floats: #1 I relaxed & fell asleep immediately. #2 At first I couldn't relax. #3 was incredible I felt like I was in space, my body was completely relaxed, my senses were awakened & everything was magnified.

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Kristin Berry

A Chromatic Twist


12.75 x 12.75


Ph: 402.515.5000

Floating allowed me to be in the most relaxed state I have ever experienced. Aches and pains and the stress of every day life subsided, and my mind was able to drift to a place of pure bliss. It was effortless and wonderful.

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Marea Whitaker Bishop

Love in Water

Photograph printed on metal

12 x 12

Click HERE to view Marea's extensive float experience, one that she turned into a short story.

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Kristen Taylor Brandt


Ink, watercolor

11 x 17

There are no limits in the mind. In the tank, detached from outside stimuli, my mind is free to roam. When I float it becomes all too obvious that my thoughts are little hooks that want to pull me in whatever direction they choose. A thought is like a complex novelty that pops into existence out of nowhere and begs to be played. What I found most interesting was not the expanse of my thoughts, but the space between thoughts. The emptiness. Freedom.

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Carrie Ann Buchanan


Acrylic paint on guitar

39 x 17 x 4


Ph: 402.830.7688

These floats for the Artist Who Float Program were my first. It's not easy for me to shut down and slow my mind and floating was the most direct path to relaxation I have found. Each float experience was exponentially more intense and allowed me to detach further and deeper each time.

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Eddith Buis



12 x 12