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Omaha, NE

About the Project

Over 130 pieces of artwork inspired by floating

More than 300 hours of floating.

117 local artists.  5 float shops. 1 book.

What can the mind create when it's limitations are melted away?

That's what we asked ourselves at the very beginning.  We chose to explore art stemming from the removal of all external stimuli.  No light, no sound, no gravity.  Just a 60-90 minute sojourn into the deep self with the results being captured on canvas or in sculpture, documented in a book, and showcased at a unique art exhibition.

Each float experience, from your first to your 99th, will be different and entirely unique.  One person's float experience will vary quite greatly from the next person's.  How can we capture all this - the energy, the feelings and emotions, the mental images - in words?  The experiences you have in a sensory deprivation tank sometimes cannot be expressed with our words.  So instead, we will express them with our colors, paints, brushes, clays, and a canvas.


The artwork shows the subconscious mind translated through oil and acrylic and a variety of other mediums... art that at times, appears to be inspired more by psychedelics than by utter darkness.

In the province of the mind, there are no limits

                 ~Dr. John C. Lilly, neuroscientist and

                   creator of sensory deprivation tanks

Inspiration behind the project

In the year 2010 and over the course of several months, 150 Portland artists entered a program started by Float On to spend several hours in a float tank. 

Their success with the combination of floating and artwork (creativity) resulted in a tremendous outpouring of "stellar" and "out of this world" artwork, which they published in a book called, Artwork from the Void.

We drew inspiration from their project and thank them for their endless support and love of floating!