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Omaha, NE


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Ashlynn Andersen

Liminal Limpidity

Digital Collage

18.5 x 23

Surreal and ethereal. Calming yet energizing. Deep meditative state. A glimpse of a different realm. Animal panic, darkness, understanding. Clarity and curiosity. Wild lucid dreams. Submerged into imagination. Full of spirit and wonder.

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Travis Apel


Bamboo, colored paper, black ink

36 x 24 x 24

For most of my two and a half hour float, I enjoyed mild visual hallucinations depicting universal geometric imagery melting into the dark void. Between flooding of violet and chromatic green phosphenes, intermittent dreams of ancient architecture, and fabric texture was intriguing to me. Overall, my experience was relaxing and peaceful. My hope is for individuals in less affluent communities to have access to floating, anyone can benefit from this method of self-reflection.

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Luc Armstrong

The Pit of the Peach Protects the Now-Ish

Acrylic sheets, markers, acrylic paint, digital drawing, inkjet and custom fabricated transparent frames with standoff hanger

14 x 14

My first of three floats at Blue Oceans Float produced an experience where I felt as if at my core I was the pit of a peach all of my life pressures were flowing behind me and my present was growing out of now, me now. Not at the center but very close to it. The past and future made up equal parts of me and they grow outward together. It was peaceful and made me think about how our fleeting now can really serve our future.